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Promoting Positive Wellbeing

Wellbeing is more than just sleeping well, eating right and having positive moods. It is a wholly holistic approach, its about knowing how to look after yourself, build positive relationships, be physically healthy, mentally well, contribute and achieve.

It’s a really important part of life that some can take for granted, whilst others can struggle to achieve. Ultimately we often forget the role we play in managing our own wellbeing, and therefore how much power we have in terms of improving our wellbeing when needed.

This section provides a range of resources and tools which can be helpful in checking in with your wellbeing.

Greater Manchester Health Hub


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You can access a range of resources via Greater Manchester Health Hub to support your wellbeing, including help to stop smoking, manage your mood, sexual health, moving more, eat healthier and reduce your alcohol intake. Take a look at their wide range of resources:

Greater Manchester Health Hub