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Making sense of what's next....


                                                                           Mental health conversation must continue after lockdown | Opinion | Law  Gazette

Since the news giving us the road map out of the current lockdown to many it has felt like a whirlwind of emotions, feelings and possible confusion about what it all means? and what exactly is coming next?

Between the government briefings, newspaper articles, Tv news, social media and the thousands of memes out there about our so called 'freedom' come the end of June there doesn't feel like much space is being given to the individual mental health and wellbeing implications of the road map, the loosening of restrictions, the ability to see friends and family again. 

One quote that sums is up nicely....

Post-lockdown anxiety: “Am I the only one feeling overwhelmed by the idea of going ‘back to normal’?”


                                       Lockdown restrictions lift: why we're experiencing return anxiety

The Life Lounge recognises that the next few months are going to present different challenges to people. We've put together the below resources, advice, guidance and links to some great reads about it all.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious the Life Lounge can help. Read more about the direct support we offer by visiting our website, where you can register for our services by completing the form, please click here> LLsite.

Advice, guidance & tips from the experts

Several mental health charities and organisation haver recently published some great advice that all of us, no matter how we are feeling would benefit from taking on board. We've hand picked some best articles below: 

Rethink Mental Illness logo

The Mental Health charity Rethink Mental Illness recently conducted a survey around people's views about the easing of lockdown and its effect on Mental health. With questions such as " I still fear that me or my family will get coronavirus. What can I do?" The article is both relevant and thought provoking, alongside some practical advice and tips you can take to improve your Mental Health. Check out the full article by clicking here> RMLarticle

MHF Logo

The charity Mental Health Foundation has published some excellent articles throughout the COVID19 pandemic. Their latest offering: From lockdown to relaxation of covid rules: tips on looking after your mental health does a great job of breaking down all the elements involved in this next stage pandemic and the loosening of restrictions. Explaining what are the mental health challenges, and what can we do? It has tips on coping with fear and anxiety as well advice about looking after children and family. Check out the full article here > MHFarticle

Every Mind Matters | South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

The road map out of this latest lockdown will bring change and uncertainty to varying degrees to all of us. The NHS Every Mind Matters website has some great pages dedicated to topics relating to the coronavirus. Including '10 tip to deal with change' and 'Job and Money Worries'. The Every Mind Matters also has a create 'Your Own mind Plan' feature that can boost your mood and help you feel more in control. Check it out by clicking here > NHS-EMM

Articles and good reads

Some great articles have come out over the last few months that do a fantastic job of summing up how some of us might be feeling, we've selected the below that we think are worth checking out.......

betcpop-logo-stylist-magazine - I Want You To Know

Stylist have published some interesting and thought provoking content in the past 12 months relating to the COVID pandemic, here are a couple of their best:

-Post-lockdown anxiety: “Am I the only one feeling overwhelmed by the idea of going ‘back to normal’?.......Read the full article here> Stylist PLA 

-Comparison culture: “If I’m only meant to be surviving, why are people around me thriving?....... Read the full article here > Stylist CC