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You are not alone! Visit Togetherall.com

Togetherall is a FREE online resource where you can connect with a Counsellor, talk to peers, find helpful resources and take online courses to support your mental health.

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You can access support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Togetherall 

Whether you want to speak to peers or a counsellor, there will be someone there every minute of every day. You can join a supportive online community that’s totally anonymous, take part in a group course and take self-assessments. 

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Togetherall is a safe and anonymous online space you can go to if you’re feeling down, struggling to cope or just want to talk to people who understand what you’re going through.

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Lots of students find Togetherall helpful as you can continue exploring your feelings at your own pace, speak to others in similar situations and make use of many resources without a time pressure. 

Joining is easy too – just go to togetherall.com (or click here!) and use your uni email address. You then pick an anonymous username which is how you’ll be known on the service.


We spend around a third of each day sleeping. 

The amount and quality of our sleep impacts upon the time we spend awake. Poor sleep can affect or mental and physical wellbeing and vice versa. It is normal in times of stress, or anxiety for our sleep to be affected, however it can be quit problematic if that disruption becomes long lasting.

 Find out more in this section about how to gain and maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

There are lots of different ideas and thoughts about what can help our sleep. Holistic therapies or things that can help you relax can help you sleep better.

Many people use alcohol and drugs to help aid sleep but in reality this can increase sleep disruption and lead to increased feelings of low mood and anxiety.

You might also find it useful to have a look at other pages in the LibGuide, including our page on Mindfulness.



Togetherall offers some great support with sleep.

You can take self-assessments to monitor your sleep, and you could try their online 'Improve your Sleep' course.

Log on to Togetherall and sign up for free with your University email address.