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Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Apps to support your wellbeing

There are so many apps available which can help with your mood, wellbeing and mental health. 

Things to bare in mind when downloading an app for your wellbeing:

  • An app can offer general support, but it can't diagnose a condition or offer specific tailored support. Therefore if you are worried about your mental health, visit your GP.
  • Many people can create an app. Consider the source and how trustworthy or accurate it is. It may not have been recently updated with current information.
  • Some apps require a subscription. You can utilise free trials to explore the app and try it for a short period. Make sure you cancel any subscriptions before you are charged, unless you're happy to pay for the service.

ORCHA - The GMMH NHS Wellbeing App Finder

With so many apps out there that can support your Wellbeing, GMMH NHS have published online their tool to find specific apps linked to different conditions and purposes, allowing you to access more relevant resources for your needs. Take a look.