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How much time do you spend going over things that happened in the past or worrying about about what could happen in the future?

Mindfulness allows you to build skills in being present and aware of where you are now. Regular practice has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Over time, taking a few minutes each day to give it a go can impact how you feel.

Check out our LEAP Mindfulness Module


Guided meditation can help you to disconnect fromt eh rush and worries of life, helping you to slow your mind and body, and leaving you calmer when tackling new challenges. The University Chaplain, Gill Smart shared this piece with us. Find a quiet space and tune in...



Mindfulness and Meditation can be a great way of stopping and taking time to focus on the present moment, clearing your mind of worries and thoughts.

These practices allow our minds to experience peace and calm and can be restorative when we are experiencing stress and anxiety for example.

Chaplain Gill Smart shared with us Meditations for you to try.

If you have found Mindfulness and Meditation to be helpful, you might like to view our Resource page on Mindfulness and Meditation, available here!

Chaplain Gill Smart also provides pastoral support to all students and staff (regardless of faith). Find out more about support available here.