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Student Space is led by Student Minds, the UK's leading Student Mental Health Charity. Throughout the pandemic they have been supporting students through various formats, and have been producing some great advice and guidance that can help all students navigate the pandemic and its impacts. 

They have now built up a wealth of resources within the 3 overarching themes listed below. Each article is only a few minutes read, many are full of good advice, are thought provoking and importantly can help you with the steps we are all taking during this pandemic. 

  • Studying during coronavirus (check them out by clicking here> SS-studying@home)
  • Lockdown and self-isolation (check them out by clicking here> SS-LD+SI)
  • Mental health and Wellbeing (check then out by clicking here> SS-MH+WB)


Beyond the above reading Student Space are striving to directly support students. They are doing this through a host of platforms to make it quick, easy and suitable for every student needs; 

illustration of a person with a headset   Phone support available on 0808 189 5260. For more details about this service click here> SS- Phone support

illustration of a hand texting on a mobile phone  Text support is available. Just text 'Student' to 85258. For more details about this service click here> SS - Text support

illustration of an envelope with an email icon 

Email support is available, just email students@themix.org.uk. The services aims to respond within 24 hours, and asks that students include as much detail as you can about whatever is causing you concern. For more details about this service click here > SS - Email support


illustration of chat messages  Web chat support is available. It is from a trained volunteer from 4pm - 11pm everyday. For more info visit> SS-WCsupport

Specialist / targeted support available.

Student Minds has recently commissioned several new services to support the Mental Health needs of particular cohorts of students. Some of these services focus on the impact and experience of the COVID pandemic.

Specialist support on offer varies from cohort to cohort. They include online peer support workshops, helplines, webinars, podcasts, and much more. A breakdown of the different cohorts and the support on offer are detailed below. 

(A majority of these services are only currently being delivered till the end of July 2021, however many of the organisations Student Minds have teamed up with offer various types of support for all, not just students, so they are worth checking out)

Black People Talk (BPT) | LinkedIn

Student minds has teamed up with the organisation Black People Talk.

If you’re a Black student, your experience of the pandemic has probably been shaped by a specific set of forces and lived experiences. It can often be helpful to find support and community with people who share those experiences.

Student Minds and  BPT have workshops designed for, facilitated by and co-designed with black students. It’s a space where you can learn more about mental health, explore what you’re experiencing, and find self-care and coping strategies. For more info and to sign up for any of the workshops click here> SS BPT

Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) on Twitter: "Thanks for the mention! We'd love  it if you could use our current logo in any future posts / mentions :)…  https://t.co/r7szevSPJi"

Student Minds has teamed up with the award winning Muslim youth Helpline. 

A helpline service for young Muslims, offering support and signposting by phone, Whatsapp, webchat and email.

This service is open seven days a week, 4 pm –10 pm. It is free and confidential. The helpline is a space to find faith-sensitive support and signposting for whatever challenges you’re facing. The volunteer team will support you with empathy, empowerment, and active listening. For more information and the details of the support available please click here> SS- MYH


Student Minds has teamed up with Taraki, an organisation working with Punjabi communities to reshape approaches to mental health. Dedicated to improving mental health in Punjabi communities.

The support on offer is events and workshops, as well as online peer support. Take part in a fortnightly zoom call with other Punjabi students, led by an experienced facilitator, for mutual support, discussion and strategies to support your wellbeing.

They are offering two support groups for Punjabi students:

  • A general space for all Punjabi students
  • A specialised space for LGBTQ+ students

These support groups are designed to be culturally safe - to recognise and centre Punjabi communities and experiences while also valuing you as an individual.

For more information and to sign up for the events and peer support click here> SS-PJT

Mermaids Logo

Student Minds has teamed up with Mermaids. A charity that supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse young people and their families.

Phone and webchat support for trans, gender-diverse and nonbinary students, available 9am-9pm, Monday to Friday.

It’s free and confidential, and designed specifically to support students. You can talk to a qualified volunteer about whatever you’re going through, whether it relates to your gender identity or not. This service is available to anyone from the age of 19 to 25. For more info click here> SS-TM


reclaim-logo_black-big (1).jpg

Student Minds has teamed up with RECLAIM. An organisation focused on changing the experiences of the young working class. 

The support on offer includes a monthly webinar & podcast series exploring the challenges that students from working-class backgrounds are facing during the pandemic. If you’re a working-class student, you may have experienced some unique difficulties this year. This might include challenges with fitting in or having to code-switch, managing your mental health or navigating the intersectionality between race and class. For more info please click here> SS- Reclaim


Voice Collective Events | Eventbrite

Student Minds has teamed up with Voice Collective. A charity that supports young people who hear voices, see visions, and have other sensory experiences or beliefs.

They are offering online peer support group and forum for students who hear voices and have other sensory experiences. Take part in a regular zoom calls with other student voice hearers and a trained facilitator, for mutual support, discussion, and solidarity in navigating the challenges of being a student who hears voices. For more info and to sign up click here> SS- VC



Student Minds has teamed up with OCD actions for targeted support for students living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), and related conditions such as body focused repetitive behaviours (BFRBs).

Life at university can be difficult if you have OCD or BDD, especially during a pandemic. Join a safe and open online environment, created specifically for students, to explore and discuss what you’re experiencing. Support is mostly based online, through sessions and support groups. For more info and to sign up click here> SS- OA