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Health Information Week 2021

Welcome to Health Information Week 2021

5th - 11th July 2021

Health Information Week 2021: what are the 2021 themes?

Monday 5th July: Quality Marks@PIFonline 

Tuesday 6th July: Health Information for Children and Young People

Wednesday 7th July: Reading Well for NHS Staff

Thursday 8th July: Digital Health

Friday 9th July: "Oh I don't know what to believe.."

Saturday 10th July: Health Information for Everyone 

Sunday 11th July: Vaccinations

To get involved, use #HIW2021 or Tweet Health Info Week at @Healthinfoweek.

This online event has been created by the University of Bolton Library Team and Life Lounge team.



Introduction to the Week

What is Health Information Week? 

Health Information Week is a national, multi-sector campaign to promote high quality information for patients and the public. High quality health information can have a huge impact on people’s ability to stay healthy and manage illnesses effectively, giving them a better quality of life.

This year we have chosen two topics to focus on Health Information for Children and Young People and "Oh, I don't know what to believe.." in this guide with the addition of this years reading list which covers some of the other themes as well. The reading list contains books and journal articles available via University of Bolton Library and a selection of freely available resources curated by some of the team here at University of Bolton Library. Content has been designed to support students, staff and researchers studying here at the University of Bolton but these pages are open to all. 


Health Information for Children and Young People

Newly published draft guidance from NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) recommends the need for children and young people to have accurate and accessible information about their healthcare.  Official websites and publications from trusted organisations such as the Department of Health or a local council website will be a better source than some medical information online which may be inaccurate or not up to date, The section below contains more information about trusted sources. 

Books and academic journals of course are an excellent source of information. Have a look at the reading list we have created which highlights some titles from our University of Bolton Library collections based around health information such as specific conditions and/or supporting this age group as a nurse or other healthcare professional. 

The reading list also contains a diverse range of freely available resources from trusted government websites as above to Ted Talks by known speakers in their respective fields. 

Oh..I don't know what to believe

Finding and Assessing Information Sources 

The ability to both find and assess information sources are crucial skills. When thinking about health information consider that you may be making decisions or judgements which could impact on your (or others) health and wellbeing. 

The 'Using the Internet for Research' section within LEAP Online discusses the use of the internet to support academic work but offers some helpful guidance around evaluating internet sources which could support developing skills and knowledge with online searching. 



The Patient Information Forum has produced this helpful information about what good health information looks like which is aimed at Health professionals. 

This article discusses COVID-19 and mis-information or fake news and how the rise of social media has influenced peoples behaviour. 

The BBC has produced this page around fake news with some topical examples which you'll have come across in the media. 

Health Literacy

For Health Information Week 2020 we produced the following guide to Health Literacy. This contains resources such as the themed reading list with lots of resources aimed at supporting Health Literacy as well as highlighting our LEAP Online section for Health Literacy. Click on the links above to find out more! 

Local activities for Health Information Week 2021

University of Bolton is a member of Bolton Health Information Partnership and many other local colleagues will be contributing and sharing resources to celebrate Health Information Week. Here’s a short guide to some of the activities by local partners. 

Bolton College LRC will be running with the various themes for the week and posting on their social media pages along with their blog. 

Bolton Foundation Trust Library Services 
themed digital campaign in line with the national Health Education England directive

•             themed displays in the library promoted via social media

•             promotion of digital point of care tools to support evidence based practice for patient care

•             emphasis on digital patient information leaflets to support patient centred decision making and self-management for long term health and wellbeing.

Bolton Libraries and Museum Services  are keeping it virtual this year too, plus having book displays in all the branches and promoting health ebooks and emagazines on Borrowbox and Libby through their Facebook and Twitter pages. They’ll be one day in the week focussed on health information for children. 

Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Service are planning to use the themes and post with cancer related support on their social media channels.