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Pastoral support

Do you need a listening ear?

Talk to Chaplain Gill

Our chaplaincy team is led by Reverend Dr. Gill Smart and provides free pastoral support for Students and Staff, irrespective of religion or belief.  She is a great listener and brings comfort to many. Reverend Gill works with the World Faith Organisation and is able to put you in touch with faith advisors if you are in need of faith specific advice.   The service consists of a part-time coordinating chaplain and a team of volunteers. If you would like to contact the Chaplaincy and gain support from them please call 01204 903415 or via email. The Chaplaincy team continue to offer support virtually during the COVID – 19 lockdown.

A letter from Chaplain Gill

Do you need a listening ear?

Talk to Chaplain Gill

(Don’t let the collar put you off; I’m here for all students)

It is very difficult time for many students who are worried about their lectures, their assignments and working without the support of their friends at the University. I am sure many of you keep in touch with your friends using different social media. Lectures are all online but it’s not the same as being able to get in touch with your tutor at Uni.

The Chaplain is available for all students, faith or no faith, and although I’m not in the Uni I can still be contacted. I won’t talk about faith unless you want me to. Contact Chaplain Gill by email    chaplain@bolton.ac.uk or text 07967 585670. I will reply as soon as I can and we can talk by email, by phone or I can arrange a zoom meeting.

I’m a Church of England Priest but if you want to talk to a Chaplain of a different faith contact me and I can put you in touch with Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish Chaplains.

Any other faith group? Still message me and I will get someone to contact you


The chaplaincy is also offering drop ins on Wednesdays and Guided Meditation sessions via zoom on Tuesday's. Contact Rev Gill for more information or check out the attached fliers.