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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Resources brought together by the Life Lounge team

Mental Health

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health issue at some point in our lives.

But mental health is not just about being mentally unwell, it is also about being mental health and wellbeing too.  

We have brought together a range of resources and information to help you to explore and understand common mental health issues. Each section has general information including services available.

If you feel you are struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, it's really important to seek professional support alongside these resources. You can register for support through the Life Lounge to work with qualified professionals, or you can contact your GP for individualised support and diagnosis.

In the event of an emergency or if you feel that your mood/mental state is deteriorating and you are not able to maintain your own safety and/or the safety of others, please attend your nearest A + E for an urgent assessment of your mental health support needs or call 999.

The Life Lounge

The Life Lounge is an ideal space to take a bit of time out from your day – you’re welcome to drop in at any time. It’s a quiet and relaxing space with mindful prompts and activities to help you to slow down and chill out. Through the Life Lounge, you can also access specialist services to support and promote your mental wellbeing.

The Life Lounge brings together specialist services, free for students to access, including:

  • Counselling Service
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Clinic
  • Mental Health Advisors
  • Referrals to other specialist services, both within and external to the University
  • Drop-in support, events and workshops

The service is open to all current students studying at the University of Bolton and the service is completely free.